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Looking Younger Naturally

We know there are plenty of ways to look younger, but we’re big fans of anything that helps you look younger naturally. Not only will it help your appearance, but it also means that you’re likely to feel better too.

Here’s a short video from one of our favourite experts with some useful tips and advice.

Water – Your Natural Beauty Treatment

We all know that we should probably drink more water if we want to feel healthier, but drinking the right amount of water can also be good for your skin.

Here’s a short video from explaining how water could be your new, natural beauty treatment.

We’re big fans of natural beauty treatments like water, and you can find out more about its benefits here.

Natural Tips for Looking Younger

woman-looking-in-mirrorWhilst women may be presented with increasingly advanced skin creams, serums and surgical procedures as options for looking younger, there are many natural ways of achieving results that last, without invasion or a broken bank balance. Here we’ve taken a look at everything from natural hair removal to maintaining a fresh face and some of our beauty secrets may well surprise you!

Keeping on top of the fuzz

Hair removal can seem like a never ending battle and as we get older we tend to find that keeping on top of the fuzz becomes an ever more frequent chore. Luckily however there are more choices than ever before when it comes to hair removal, especially with salons like BeeSugared in Newport Beach offering ‘sugaring’ or sugar waxing – not to be confused with traditional waxing. This natural hair removal process, when undertaken by professionals, can last for 6 weeks and as there are no chemicals to worry about you can be fuzz and toxin free to boot.

Carrots, tomatoes and Olive oil

Having a healthy diet is an absolute essential in maintaining a youthful appearance. Whilst it may not be realistic to aim for a complete change in diet, there are a few key food sources that you should most certainly factor in. These include carrots and tomatoes (which contain betacarotene); these are vitamin A rich and the betacarotene within them then converts this to the super kind to skin substance of retinol. As well as this betacarotene also blocks antioxidants, which can otherwise cause premature aging.

As well as carrots and tomatoes, it’s also important to factor in Olive Oil, as this too is rich in antioxidants and helps your skin in protecting itself from harmful pollutants.

Kicking the cigarettes

If you’re a smoker then you most likely have no doubt as to the effects of smoking and what it does to your skin. What you may not realise however is that this is due to carbon monoxide, which damages your body’s circulation, as well as lowering your ability to absorb Vitamin C, which is essential for the growth of new collagen.

Thinking about the sun

Whilst the sun is a vital source of the mood boosting vitamin A too much can damage the skin and cause untold aging effects in the years to come. For this reason you should always ensure that you use sun cream of an appropriate protection level.

Getting your intake of water

Many fail to realise just how much water we lose through perspiration each day. Maintaining your levels of water intake is vital for ensuring that organs are functioning as they should be, particularly our skin, which relies on water for cell formation. To stay looking and feeling fresh you should be aiming to drink at least two litres of water each day.

Donning your gym gear… or not

Exercise helps your skin cells renew themselves as it promotes healthy blood flow; however exercising needn’t mean a painstaking trip to the gym, you can factor in simple tasks each day, such as walking to the shops, rather than driving, in order to get your 30 minutes of exercise.

There are lots of natural ways to feel younger and more beautiful, these are just a few general tips. But if you can integrate some or all of these into your life, they could have a big impact.